Bringing people together, projects alive and showing you impact.

Every box or initiative we sell, we donate a proportion of our profits to a partnership project.

Projects & Stories

Our Impact


Project coming soon - supporting women in Kolkata


PPE Visors bought


Primary school food education work shops and work experiences


Earth Bricks bought for Nepal


School meals delivered in north India


Full and part time jobs created in the refugee community


Community volunteer hours organised


Healthy Food Parcels Donated


Tonnes of food waste and surplus saved


Trees Planted in Cameroon

Brands we work with

Love Cocoa’s 1 bar 1 tree campaign

Simply as described, for every bar Love Cocoa sell, they plant a tree in northern Cameroon. It is obvious that deforestation leads to increased global warming, Love Cocoa’s plant a tree project are challenging this by planting 500,000 trees in just 2020. From your box, 1 tree was planted!

UK food waste warriors

An estimated 9.5 million tonnes of food waste occurs each year in the UK, with 700,000 tonnes of the surpluses being redistributed by charities and used through initiatives like SNACT, Spare Snacks and DASH Water.

Chika’s Nuts

produce impressive and incredible tasting products but did you know that they have a mission to provide 38,000 girls access to education? Approximately 131 million girls aged 6-17 do not go to school. Chika’s Snack for change is going to change that!


Destiny Reflection empower survivors of sex trafficking in two ways. Making handmade products and selling them to sustain themselves and forming partnerships with recruiters and education providers to support women onto new careers and pathways. Learn more about Destiny here.

Super Drinks

Flawsome drinks tackle food waste through making cold-pressed juices, best of all the flavours they combine are unbelievably refreshing. Across Europe they tackle fruit surplus to make delicious beverages. The Leaf Life – featuring three terrifically tasty drinks, people in the U.K. and beyond can now experience the benefits of CBD in a convenient can. The Leaf Life is available throughout the U.K. at all good health food shops.

Tony’s Chocolonely

Tony’s is on a mission to make 100% slave free the norm in chocolate. Not just their chocolate, but all chocolate worldwide. To help them get there check out their roadmap that outlines their long-term goals.

Booni | NEMI English Breakfast Teabags


NEMI is on a mission to reduce the unemployment rate of refugees by running tea stalls across the UK and selling their tea through a wide range of restaurants like Gaucho, cafe’s, shops like Coop and health shops across the nation. Refugees are employed within the business to gain confidence and language skills as a stepping stone to embark on their career.

Booni Box, Freeset Jute Bag


Not quite a food or a drink, but we are keen supporters of the Freeset Global movement. Based in India, Freeset are rescuing victims of the sex trade in north India. Women, children and men are given a safe space and are encouraged to develop skills to enter the world of work.

Booni Box, Dalit Candles


You may have heard of the Dalit community in India – the untouchables. A caste system dating back hundreds of years where the poorest people are not given the basic opportunities nor respect they deserve. Dalit candles is a UK organisation selling candles to provide free education for Dalit communities in India.