Medium Surprise Box

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£12.50 – subscription plans available

As a reward for doing good, we surprise you with different snacks each month. Gift a friend and show them the impact you’ve enabled.

Small Booni Surprise – 2 snacks, 1 impact cards
Medium Booni Surprise – 4 snacks, 2 impact cards
Large Booni Surprise – 10 snacks, 3 impact cards.

You’ll receive mission-led brands in your box or brands with sustainability at their hearts.

We’ll mix it up each month so you have a new surprise each month. Please let us know if you or the recipient is allergic to anything in particular. Includes delivery.

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What is this?

Every month we want to bring you something you may not have tried before as a thank you for supporting the causes we’re supporting. The proceeds from your purchase will go directly to the causes we support. You will find a Track Your Impact code in your box to see the impact you have made.

Small Booni Surprise – 2 snacks, 1 impact card
Medium Booni Surprise – 4 snacks, 2 impact cards
Large Booni Surprise – 10 snacks, 3 impact cards

Check back on our socials to see your impact. If you subscribe for a minimum of 3 months, we’ll show you your impact summary report.

The boxes can contain sweets, biscuits, chocolates, crisps, drinks and lots more. Please do let us know of any allergens in the notes section so we know what not to send you. 


We aim to ship out your box on the same day it is purchased. Delivery to your door is free and takes up to 5 working days.


If you’re keen to continue making an impact and supporting the different causes, thank you! To make things efficient, smooth and allow us to accurately measure impact, your first box will be shipped out as mentioned above (immediately, with delivery up to 5 days), your subscription will then continue on that date until you cancel.

We will notify you a week before renewal giving you the option to cancel anytime.

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