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£25.00 – subscription plans available

The work from home box is a collection of hand picked food and drink designed for mid morning coffee meetings, that afternoon pick me up and generally fuel for a productive day.
Not only are the snacks selected to set you up for your day, a Booni box also delivers a social impact.

Every Booni Box delivers impact on your behalf, this box features 11 different products. Price includes delivery.

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What’s inside?

In the work-from home box, there are 11 hand picked better-for-you snacks, including fruit snacks, a protein bar and a reusable water bottle by Bottle UP.

Bottle Up Spring water in a reusable water bottle – When you need water on the go: Bottle Up. Sugar cane bottles, BPA-free and dishwasher safe. Filled with spring water.

Danish Pastry flavoured Tea by Hoogly – Enjoy a Danish national treat! With a wonderfully warming chocolate and cinnamon aroma and a subtly delicious pastry taste, this healthy indulgence will seduce tea lovers over and over.

Raspberry flavoured sparkling water by DASH – Naturally British sparkling spring water infused with wonky raspberries.

Smoked almonds by Chika’s Nuts – Suitable small yet BIG on flavour. Seasoned with paprika (to add just the right level of piquancy). Lovingly cooked until they’re nothing less than perfect.

Fruit Jerky by SNACT – A deep flavour of air dried apple and raspberry.

Apple fruit crisps by Spare Fruit – Air dried, never fried made with wonderfully wonky produce.

Urban Fruits’ magnificent mango – No sugars, no preservatives they don’t mess with mangoes.

Popped lotus seeds by Native Snacks – Oven roasted popped lotus seeds with seasoning. Better than popcorn in many ways!

Blueberry protein bar by RX Bar – Made with sweet blueberries and a few other simple ingredients – egg whites (for protein), dates to bind and nuts for texture.

Salted caramel chocolate by James Cadbury’s Love Cocoa – Buttery caramel matched with single-origin 41% Colombian milk chocolate and Maldon sea salt. The modern day British Classic.

Ginger luxury biscuits by Maclean’s – Rich ginger flavoured crunchy oat biscuits with chocolate chunks and pieces of chopped ginger. To make this even more special, heat in the microwave for 5-10 seconds and serve warm.


  – For every 5 boxes we sell, we deliver a healthy food box to a family in need.

These are challenging and uncertain times. Many families have been concerned about how they will receive the financial support they need to feed their children at home without the free school meals entitlement during the closure of schools. To support, we are working with our partners to deliver healthy snack boxes on top of the vouchers families receive.

– For every box sold, we buy a PPE visor for a keyworker – in partnership with Augment Bionics.

Augment Bionics is a medical devices start-up founded at the University of Edinburgh in 2019.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, they have redirected their business to address the PPE shortage in the UK and Africa.

– For every box sold, 6 Earth bricks are delivered to Nepal for rebuilding homes after the 2015 earthquake.

Approximately 824,000 homes were destroyed and since 2015 only 10% of homes have been rebuilt. We’re supporting the Build Up Nepal by creating construction businesses in rural Nepal.

There is more this box offers in terms of impact. Use the code inside your box to find out.

Delivery & Subscriptions


We aim to ship out your box on the same day it is purchased. Delivery to your door is free and takes up to 5 working days. Each box is hand packed, contains a gift and a QR impact code to track your impact.


If you’re keen to continue making an impact and supporting the different causes, thank you! To make things efficient, smooth and allow us to accurately measure impact, your first box will be shipped out as mentioned above (immediately, with delivery up to 5 days), thereafter your box will be shipped out on the 26th of the month or the first working day after. Your subscription payment will be taken out the day you begin your subscription.

For example, if you purchase your first box on the 2nd of January, we will deliver it by the 8th January. The next box payment will get taken out on the 2nd of February. The box will be delivered from the 26th of February.

We will notify you a week before renewal giving you the option to cancel anytime.

Custom Ordering

We offer custom ordering. Let us know what you’d like in your next box after we send you our catalogue of brands. We work directly with producers to get the freshest, cost-effective and quality products to you.

Contact us to discuss your requirements

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